Q: What is asecurecloud?

AWS provides an amazing set of security controls and configuration options. However, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the options available, especially at the rate of new features and contributions from AWS and the community. Therefore asecurecloud was created to:
  1. Provide a central repository for the various security configurations recommended by AWS through native features, AWS open source repos and blog posts, as well as community contributions. 
  2. Easily create deployment templates based on the available configuration items, in any combination.

Q: Why is it in Beta?

The site is in active development mode in terms of both content and features. There might be sudden changes made during this period. Feedback is very important, and we appreciate any feedback on any bugs you notice or feature requests.

Q: Are there any costs?

asecurecloud is free. All solutions listed are free, and you are only charged for the AWS resources used to deploy them.

Q: How to use asecurecloud?

The home page lists different categories for grouping the configuration items. Each item has a description, and a link to the source as well as steps for deployment.

Multiple configuration items can be combined into a deployment stack. Deployment stacks include cloudformation templates and AWS CLI commands for automated deployment. 

Q: What are the available deployment options?

Each configuration item (or artifact) has three deployment options included:
  1. Manual steps: A step-by-step guide for manual configuration.
  2. Cloudformation: A cloudformation template that deploys the configuration item, which can be customized for a specific environment.
  3. AWS CLI: aws cli commands that deploys the configuration item, which can be customized for a specific environment.

Q: What is a deployment stack?

Most likely, you will be deploying more than one configuration item at a time. A deployment stack helps you combine multiple items together to create one deployment template through cloudformation or AWS CLI.

Q: How does the Launch in AWS Account feature work?

The feature works by uploading a temporary copy of the generated CloudFormation template to an S3 bucket. The generated template is only kept temporarily to allow you to launch the stack. You can still use the stack once its deployed in your AWS account after the copy has been deleted.