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Choose from a free library of 600+ customizable AWS security configurations and best practices available in CloudFormation, Terraform and AWS CLI

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1. Find Configuration

Browse configuration items and packages or build your own package by adding items to a stack.

2. Customize to Your Environment

Each configuration item includes a customizable deployment template to fit your AWS environment.

3. Deploy to Your Account

Deploy directly to AWS as a CloudFormation Stack, or download templates locally.

Customer Testimonials is my first destination for AWS configurations and I appreciate how easy it is to generate complex templates with a few clicks. I also recommend their security assessments as the easiest and quickest way to start securing your AWS accounts

– Chad Paquette, Cloud Architect

At CloudSecurityLabs we consult with clients of all sizes on their cloud security strategy, and we emphasize automation and infrastructure-as-code for a solid foundation. A Secure Cloud's library and assessments engine has been a key tool we use to ensure we build that foundation quickly and comprehensively – Ayman Elsawah, vCISO
At Grassland, we process video streams for customers and security is a top priority. I came across and was able to get recommendations specific for my AWS environment within 20 minutes and start applying controls like threat detection or IAM security right away.

–  David Thompson, Founder/CEO

Premium features available to improve your end-to-end AWS Security workflow

Upgrade to a premium account and get access to features which help you build and operate in AWS securely on an ongoing basis and keep up with the latest security best practices


Automatic assessments for your AWS environments

Review and Customize

Review recommandations customized for your AWS accounts and requirements


Apply security recommendations using our generated templates or follow detailed walkthroughs

Remain Up-to-date

Automatic assessments to keep you up-to-date as your environment evolves

Customized Assessment Results

Customize assessments by setting the environment type to update the priorities based on the workload type (Production, Development, etc.)

Review results and create exceptions for resources, adjust priority settings for specific rules, or exclude rules for more relevant results based on the environment.

Premium Pricing

Free Trial

  • 1 One-time assessment license
  • Import resources from AWS accounts
  • Save configuration stacks

One-time Assessments

  • Unlimited assessments for 10 days
  • Export assessment results
  • Remediation Templates

Ongoing Protection

  • Unlimited assessments
  • Export assessment results
  • Remediation Templates
  • Automated assessments

Custom Pricing

Custom pricing available for clients with 25+ AWS accounts, Enterprises and Managed Service Providers