AWS Security Hub

A collection of AWS Security controls for AWS Security Hub. Configuration items include templates to set up AWS Security Hub in an account as well as templates to enable compliance standards checking such as CIS Foundation benchmarks for AWS.

Security Hub
Enable AWS Security Hub with Notifications and Prerequisites
A configuration package to enable AWS Security Hub in an AWS account including service prerequisites and notification. AWS Security Hub turns on CIS AWS Foundations Compliance Standards by default.
Security Hub
CloudWatch Event
Enable AWS Security Hub
Configuration to enable AWS Security Hub in an AWS Account, with option to configure security standards such as CIS Foundation Benchmarks.
CloudWatch Events
Detect Security Hub Findings
Security Hub
A CloudWatch Event Rule that triggers on AWS Security Hub findings. The Event Rule can be used to trigger notifications or remediative actions using AWS Lambda.
Config Rule
Security Hub Enabled
Security Hub
A config rule that checks that AWS Security Hub is enabled for an AWS account. The rule is NON_COMPLIANT if Security Hub is not enabled.
Service Control Policy
Prevent Users from Disabling AWS Security Hub in an account
Security Hub
This SCP prevents users or roles in any affected account from disabling AWS Security Hub, deleting member accounts or disassociating an account from a master Security Hub account.
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