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  • Automated Security Assessments
  • AWS Configuration Summaries
  • Import AWS Resources
  • On-going Configuration Management
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Assess Services across 5 Security Domains
View security assessment results by AWS service or security domain

100+ Security Rules
Access to a growing number of security rules that is updated frequently

AWS Resource Access Maps
Easily review configuration summaries for AWS resources (across services such as S3, KMS, Parameter Store, DynamoDB, and more) including access maps detailing which IAM users and roles have access

Example: S3 Bucket Summary

Additional Features

Import AWS Resources

Import AWS resources (or add manually). Resources such as VPCs, S3 Buckets, Email Addresses can be used when building configuration templates instead of manually entering values

On-Going Stack Management

Configuration stacks can be saved to be revisited later for more updates or to be reused in multiple environments at different times

Configuration stacks can be deployed to multiple AWS accounts and regions and updated through the console as more items are added or settings are adjusted

User Profiles and Preferences

Save preferences such as default AWS region or preferred configuration template language (CloudFormation, Terraform, or AWS CLI), with more options coming soon

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