Your AI-powered assistant for AWS cloud

Chat your Way through AWS

Shift your focus from troubleshooting to innovating, with an AI chatbot designed to handle the intricacies of AWS

Build Any CloudFormation Template in Minutes

Build any CloudFormation template using a dynamic interface that mixes between chat input and form to allow you to rapidly iterate through configurations!

Security Assessments Integration

CloudAdvisor is available within our security assessment results to provide more details and answer any questions as they arise

Connected to Your Environment

Use CloudAdvisor to explore your environment and quickly look up and learn about your resources, security recommendations and get personalized answers that take your context into account.

For example:

  • Do I have any unencrypted resources?
  • How can I enhance IAM security in production?

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Change Log

CloudAdvisor AWS knowledgebase search launch
March 2023
Expanded AWS services coverage for knowledgebase search
April 2023
Integration to ask questions from within your security assessment results and recommendations
May 2023
Added search my environment capability
June 2023
Quality and performance improvements
June 2023
CloudFormation template builder launch
July 2023
CloudFormation modules and template presets
Aug 2023
Expanded KB Search to all AWS services
Aug 2023
Support for importing your AWS resources in CloudFormation Builder
Sep 2023
Save custom templates to your profile
Sep 2023
Enhancements for AWS CLI documnetation in CloudAdvisor
Oct 2023
Support for generating Identity Policies (IAM, SCP, S3 Policies, ..)
Coming Soon
Terraform support
Coming Soon

We started ASecureCloud to empower AWS professionals with the tools they need to service their clients effectively and accurately. Our vision is to make our suite of products available through CloudAdvisor’s simple interface.

Other products provided by ASecureCloud include: