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EFS Security Controls

EFS File System

Configuration to provision a new EFS file system and attach it to a VPC with options to customize encryption, backup, access, and performance settings.

The following settings are available in this template:

  • Automatic Backups: Select to enable automatic backups for the file system
  • Encryption: Enable encryption at rest for the file system and optionally provide a KMS key to be used. If a KMS key is not provided, the default aws/elasticfilesystem key is used
  • Mount Targets: Add mount targets to attach the file system to a VPC. Multiple subnet Ids can be provided and an optional IP address can also be set. Security Group Ids must also be provided to control network access to the file system
  • Performance Settings: Configure performance and throughput modes and optionally configure the provisioned throughput in Mbps for the file system
  • Availability Zone Name to specify the AWS Availability Zone and create a file system that uses One Zone storage classes
  • LifeCycle Settings to specify:
    • When to move files in the file system from primary storage to the IA storage class
    • When to move files that are in IA storage to primary storage
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0.5 KB
Missing Parameters
AWSTemplateFormatVersion: "2010-09-09"
Description: ""
    Type: "AWS::EFS::FileSystem"
      Encrypted: true
      PerformanceMode: "generalPurpose"
      ThroughputMode: "bursting"
        Status: "ENABLED"
    Type: "AWS::EFS::MountTarget"
        Ref: "EfsFileSystem"
      SubnetId: ""
        - ""
Parameters: {}
Metadata: {}
Conditions: {}


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