Configuration template to create a Lambda Function. The template includes options to customize the function's settings such as name, runtime, code location (inline, ZIP or S3), memory size, timeout, environment variables, and more. 

Settings for customizing the template include:

  • Lambda Function Name and Description
  • IAM Role Arn: Lambda function execution IAM role Arn
  • Runtime to specify the programming language and version for the Lambda function, options include python, nodejs, .Net, ruby, and more
  • Handler to specify the entry method in the Lambda function's code
  • Code Type specifies how to reference the code for the function. There are different options that can be supported depending on the runtime:
    • S3: Reference the code package on S3 by providing a bucket name and key name
    • Inline: Includes the code within the template (Limited to a single file and cannot exceed a certain size limit)
    • Zip File (Terraform and CLI): references a local zip on the machine
  • KMS Key Arn to optionally encrypt the functions' environment variables
  • Memory Size (MB): The amount of memory available to the function at runtime. Increasing the function memory also increases its CPU allocation.
  • Timeout (seconds)
  • Environment Variables are key/value pairs that are passed to the lambda function at runtime
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Missing Parameters
AWSTemplateFormatVersion: '2010-09-09'
Description: ''
    Type: 'AWS::Lambda::Function'
      Role: ''
      PackageType: Zip
      Runtime: python3.9
      Handler: ''
        S3Bucket: ''
        S3Key: ''
      MemorySize: 128
      Timeout: 3
Parameters: {}
Metadata: {}
Conditions: {}


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