A config rule that checks instances for specified tenancy. Specify AMI IDs to check instances that are launched from those AMIs or specify host IDs to check whether instances are launched on those Dedicated Hosts. Separate multiple ID values with commas.

This config rule supports the following parameters:

  • tenancy
    • Required: Yes
    • Type: String
    • Description:Desired tenancy of the instances. Valid values are DEDICATED, HOST and DEFAULT.
  • imageId
    • Required: No
    • Type: CSV
    • Description:The rule evaluates instances launched only from AMIs with the specified IDs. Separate multiple AMI IDs with commas.
  • hostId
    • Required: No
    • Type: CSV
    • Description:The IDs of the EC2 Dedicated Hosts on which the instances are meant to be launched. Separate multiple Host IDs with commas.




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