Private PortalFor Service Providers and MSPs

Upgrade your clients experience with a fully managed platform with your private data and security controls

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Dedicated Environment

Dedicated environment to ensure full security and privacy controls for your clients

Quick Setup

Quick and easy setup with ongoing dedicated support

Predictable Pricing

Predictable and flexible pricing models

Custom Branding

Personalize the portal with your branding and theme for a consistent client experience

Maturity & Compliance Reports

Provide your customers with on-demand and automated compliance reports

Email Summaries

Weekly security posture and summary emails for managed clients

Automate First-Level Support with CloudAdvisor

A Chat interface to answer any day-to-day AWS questions users might have and reduce the time your team spends on first-level support

Security assessment integration with security recommendations and findings to provide further details for any queries that users might have when reviewing the results

Security Assessments, Compliance Reports and Well-Architected Reviews

Comprehensive and automated security assessments and weekly security summaries are available to users as well as Well-Architected reviews that can be triggered for managed AWS accounts.

Compliance reports including CIS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more

Manage Internal and External Users with an Admin Dashboard

Use the administrator dashboard to onboard new users (both internal and external) and their AWS environments. Administrators can review security assessments on behalf of users, and customize the view available to users

Customization Options

Provide a customized look and feel for your users to fit with the rest of your offerings. Customization options include:

DNS Name
SSO integration

User dashboards can also be customized to present them with the relevant options based on their needs

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