Automated Well-Architected Reviews

Easy and Secure Setup
Onboard AWS accounts quickly and securely with read-only time-limited access

Quick Results
Assessments and Well-Architected results within 10-15 minutes including various reports

Detailed Assessment
Coverage for 90% of security pillar questions for both FTR and Well-Architected Lenses

Sync Results with AWS
Upload the auto-completed results to your AWS account

AutoComplete Well-Architected Reviews

  • Quick results in under 15 minutes per AWS account
  • Automatically generated suggestions per your environment
  • 90% Coverage for Security Pillar from the automated assessment of the account
  • Express Review: Quick to use interface (with AI-powered natural language processing) for remaining pillars
  • Support for Well-Architected, Serverless and SaaS Lenses

Remediation Templates

  • Automatically generated configuration templates to resolve findings
  • Support for CloudFormation and AWS CLI (Terraform support coming soon)

Sync Results with your AWS Account

  • Upload results to the AWS console with auto-completed notes
  • Validate already-existing workload answers against assessment results
  • Enable scheduled assessments to ensure ongoing compliance to Well-Architected pillars

Ongoing Compliance and Detailed Reports

  • CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark
  • PCI DSS v3.2.1
  • RBI Cyber Security Framework
  • Canada GC & PBMM Controls

Premium Pricing

Free Trial

  • Security assessments Trial for 1 AWS account
  • Save up to 5 configuration presets
  • CloudAdvisor: 10 requests/month
  • Remediation templates
  • Save configuration stacks


  • Save up to 20 configuration presets
  • CloudAdvisor: 1,200 requests/month
  • CloudAdvisor: Build CloudFormation Templates
  • CloudAdvisor: Build Terraform Templates (Coming Soon)


  • Save up to 50 configuration presets
  • Unlimited assessments
  • Compliance Reports
  • Well-Architected Reviews
  • Remediation Templates
  • Scheduled Assessments and Weekly Summaries
  • Guided Walkthroughs
  • Premium Configuration Stack Features

Private Portal
MSPs & Service Providers

  • Custom branding
  • Manage your own users and clients directly
  • Dedicated environment for strict data & privacy controls