A collection of configuration templates for Amazon EKS resources as well as security controls for monitoring and protecting Amazon EKS configuration such as Config Rules, CloudWatch Alarms, EventBridge Rules, IAM policies, and more.

EKS Nodegroup

This template creates an Amazon EKS managed node group for a specified cluster. The node group is named 'standard' and is created in the 'prod' cluster. The node group is associated with the IAM role 'eksInstanceRole'. It has a scaling configuration with a minimum size of 3, desired size of 5, and maximum size of 7. The node group has labels 'Key1: Value1' and 'Key2: Value2'. It is deployed in the subnets 'subnet-6782e71e' and 'subnet-e7e761ac'.

EKS Identity Provider Config

This template creates an identity provider configuration and associates it with a cluster. The template includes the necessary properties such as the cluster name, type of identity provider (OIDC), and the OIDC specific properties like client ID and issuer URL.

EKS Fargate Profile

This template creates an AWS Fargate profile for an Amazon EKS cluster. The Fargate profile is created with a specified name, associated with a cluster, and configured with a pod execution role, subnets, and selectors. The Fargate profile allows pods to be deployed to a specific namespace with a label key-value pair assigned to them.

Amazon EKS Cluster

This template creates an Amazon EKS cluster with the specified properties. The cluster is named 'Prod' and has a version of '1.20'. It uses the specified IAM role for the control plane and is configured with the provided VPC resources. The cluster has logging enabled for API and audit events. It also includes a tag with key 'key' and value 'val'.