A collection of configuration templates for AWS Service Discovery as well as security controls for monitoring and protecting AWS Service Discovery configuration such as Config Rules, CloudWatch Alarms, EventBridge Rules, IAM policies, and more.

Service Discovery
Service Discovery Service

This template creates a service based on a public DNS namespace. The service includes settings for Amazon Route 53 A and AAAA records with a routing policy of WEIGHTED. It also includes a Route 53 health check.

Service Discovery HTTP Namespace

This template creates an HTTP namespace named `example-namespace` with a description of 'AWS Cloud Map HTTP namespace for resources for example.com website'.

Service Discvoery Instance with IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

This template creates an AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Instance resource that provides IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses for an instance. The instance is registered using the service ID `srv-e4anhexample0004` and has an instance ID of `i-abcd1234`.

Service Discovery Private DNS Namespace

This template creates a private DNS namespace based on DNS, which is visible only inside a specified Amazon VPC. The namespace defines your service naming scheme. For example, if you name your namespace `example.com` and name your service `backend`, the resulting DNS name for the service is `backend.example.com`. Service instances that are registered using a private DNS namespace can be discovered using either a `DiscoverInstances` request or using DNS. For the current quota on the number of namespaces that you can create using the same AWS account, see AWS Cloud Map quotas in the _AWS Cloud Map Developer Guide_. The template creates a private DNS namespace named `private-example.com` with a description, VPC ID, and DNS properties.

Service Discovery Public DNS Namespace

This template creates a public DNS namespace for a website with the name 'example.com'. The namespace is used to define the service naming scheme, allowing instances to be discovered using DNS. The 'SOA' property is set with a TTL of 100.