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Custom Packages

Work with our experts to complete projects or build configurations customized for your environment

  • How it works

  • Select Package
  • Schedule call to review requirements
  • Receive deliverables and apply to your environment
  • Reach out for support as required

All packages include 2 months of premium license for up to 3 AWS accounts

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Security Assessment
  • Detailed security assessment report and review
  • Includes action plan for remediation and next steps
Control Tower / Landing Zone
  • New Control Tower setup (or migrate existing environment)
  • Centralized logging and security services
  • Organization-wide compliance controls
  • AWS Single Sign-On and IAM strategy
Custom Configuration
Do you require other specific configurations delivered? Examples include:
  • Multi-Account backup configuration
  • Multi-Account vulnerability and patching configuration
  • Networking configuration (VPN, Client VPN, TGW, ..)